#Local Government
Augusta Township Council

Resident safety is at risk on Cedar St, because of the speed of vehicles travelling along this road. This is particularly true for children, who are not always capable of making Judgments about their safety.

One study found that drivers are unable to accurately assess their own speed while they are driving and, as a consequence, make few adjustments in the presence of children (Harre N. Discrepancy between actual and estimated speeds of drivers in the presence of child pedestrians. Injury Prevention 2003; (9): 38-41.)

Adding stop signs, Posting 30 km/hour speed limit signs & Adding appropriate lighting along Cedar St, will improve the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and pets.

We, the undersigned, call on the Council of Augusta Township, to; Add Stops Signs, Post 30 km/hour speed limit signs & Improve lighting on Cedar St. in Maitland, ON.

For these increased safety measures to be effective, we ask that they be enforced by fining violators.

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