#Animal Rights
San Miguel de Allende State Government Office

On November 9th at the Templo de San Francisco in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, a bird plead for its life as it’s leg was tangled in a net covering the church and hung upside down. There were no animal rescue organizations and a lack of help from authorities and the church. The community came together to climb the building and cut the net in order to save the bird. Anti-bird or construction safety nets are used to either prevent birds from sitting on building structures or prevent unstable structures from falling. However, if the net is not properly installed and a space is left open for animals to enter, they can get trapped by the net. The second problem is the size of the netting. According to a Wildlife Rescue organization named Wires, it is important to have a net with a mesh size smaller than 5mm. Anything greater increases the chances of birds getting caught in the net.

We, the undersigned, call on the San Miguel de Allende State government office, specifically the ecology department, to remove the current safety net that is placed over the Templo de San Francisco. A wildlife friendly net should be installed that is smaller than 5mm as well as proper installation that leaves no room for animals to enter.

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