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Petition Background: Lights!!!! Lots of them too. When lights goes on at all night, those lights cost the tax payers a lot of money. So why not reduce the amount of lighting. Americans do not need all of the lights.

Our ancestors did not need lights. They relied on the moon and stars to find their way at night. Neither do we. Coloradins do not need to relay on lights because we the moon and stars. They are all we need at night. So turn off the lights.

I suggest that Coloradins turn out the lights at nine thirty at night. But yes you can keep up to four lights on (porch light counts as one but TV does not).

We the people of the Colorado should be able to see the night sky.

There is too much light pollution in the air. People of Colorado should be able to look up and see the stars. We cannot see the gracious stars that have been on this earth since our ancestors. Please sign this petition to see the stary night again.

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