Maricopa County Supervisors and Association of Governments
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Maricopa County was Declared a Nonattainment Area by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency, Air Quality Division in January of year 2005.

The Federal EPA allows One (1) Day above the Normal Level of Particulate Matter, Dust Pollution in a Three (3) Year Period. Maricopa County had nineteen (19) Days in 2005 and Twenty Seven (27) Days in 2006.

Maricopa County must Reduce Dust and Particulate Matter in the Air by Five (5) Percent Per Year until 2010 to meet the Federal EPA Compliance. Removing Five (5) Percent of the Dust and PM, Particulate Matter, in Two (2) Years equates to removing over 15,000 Tons of Dust and PM from the Air in Maricopa County.

Non Compliance to the Federal EPA Standards by 2010 will mean Federal Sanctions being Placed on $1 Billion in Federal Highway Funds and another $6.7 Billion in Federal Transportation Funds. This would be in addition to the potential loss of life of children, the elderly and people with lung conditions.

Thank You for Supporting Clean Air for Maricopa County
Our Air Quality is More Important !!

We Petition for Maricopa County Planning and Zoning Commission to Reduce Dust and Particulate Matter going into the Atmosphere in Maricopa County by Controlling the Issuance of Building Permits to Known Dust Generating/Producing Operations and Better Enforcement of the MAG Five Percent Dust Laws until Maricopa County comes into Attainment with the Federal Environmental Protection Agency Air Quality Standards set by 2010.

We the Undersigned Petition for a Better Enforcement of Dust Control Laws on All Dust Generating Work Sites, Building Construction Sites, Haul Trucks hauling Bulk Materials, Vacant Land, Landscaping and Any Other Type of Fugitive Dust and Non Fugitive Dust.

We Petition for Planning and Zoning to Place a Postponement on the Issuance of any Permit or Application Applied for the development of any known "Dust Generating Operations." A Hold on Permits until Maricopa County can Comply with the Federal EPA Air Quality Standard for Three (3) Years. Dust Generating Operations such as Mining, Gravel Pits, Saw Milling, Landfills, Stables and Arenas, Spray or Spraying Operations And Any Type of other Long Term "Dust Producing" Activites, Facilities or Operations.

We the Undersigned Petition for Cleaner Air and Air Quality through Better Control of Planning and Building Permits and Dust Inspection at Permitted Sites. For the Health and Welfare of All of the Citizens in Maricopa County Arizona.

"Our Air is More Important".

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