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Strata complexes pay the same rate per unit as one house. e.g. One house on an block of land pays the same rates as 8 units on the same size piece of land, plus their strata fees. Petition to reduce the amount should be divided equally between 8 units as the one house block. e.g. Rates of $1480.00 per year for one house, same $1480.00 per unit on the same block of land council receiving $11,840 per year on the same block of land. How is this fair and justified.

strata complex owners call on the city council to reduce the amount of rates paid per strata unit. We petition to evenly share the rates applied to the block of land between the number of house holds built on that land. A block of land with a single house pays $1480.00 a year. We propose $1480.00 is split between the number if units in the strata complex.

The reduce council rates for strata complexes petition to City council was written by Kathy Stock and is in the category City & Town Planning at GoPetition.

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