Hillsborough School District Board of Trustees (California)
United States of America

The initial Board discussion on this hire occurred during the Summer when many parents and community members were not in town. This is a major commitment (salary, and future pension obligation) for the district and deserves a hearing when all members of the community are informed and available to provide feedback.

During the challenging fiscal years during and after the recent financial crisis, over $1.4 milion was cut from the Hillsborough, CA school district's budget. Teachers were laid off, the language program was eliminated for the younger grades, class sizes increased, etc. With the reported recovery of the district's budget, the Caring Parents of Hillsborough and the undersigned believe any additional funding available should go back to reinstating many of these programs BEFORE more administrative hires. Our school district is small relative to many others in our area, with only 4 schools (1 middle, 3 elementary) servicing 1,521 students.

We have Directors of education services, student services, Technology, Accountant, HR Manager, a Maintenance Supervisor and three staff for maintenance and grounds. Couldn't many of the desired functions of this $200,000 per annum, new position be the duties and responsibilities of current staff? Has the Board explored other solutions to address the management gaps?

We, Parents and Community members of Hillsborough, believe the hiring of an Assistant Superintendent is premature and any excess funds in the district's budget should be applied toward students' education as a priority instead.

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