Red Oak, Iowa
United States of America

I am tired of loading up my car with my recycling, heading to the bins by Fareway, only to find them STUFFED FULL. It's mostly an issue with paper and cardboard, but there have been many times that plastics have also been completely full in all of the containers. This is a waste of time and gas and it DISCOURAGES recycling.

The City of Red Oak has a RESPONSIBILITY to provide its residents with a way to recycle. The current system is unacceptable and needs to change in a significant way to better serve its residents who are paying every month for the service. Elected officials NEED to hear from us or nothing will change.

We, the undersigned, are tired of the current recycling "program" in Red Oak and call on the City of Red Oak to provide better service. The recycling containers are OFTEN full when we want to use them.

We should NOT have to take our recycling back home once we have loaded it up and driven to the containers, only to find them completely full--this is a waste of time and gas and is unacceptable. We are paying for this service and deserve to be able to recycle when we need and desire to do so.

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