#Local Government
Mark Boothman

As a daily user of this particular intersection I witness on a regular basis drivers running red lights. They are not running the red lights because of the congestion on the bridge (which is another problem) they are doing this because they are getting away with it.

This problem is getting worse with drivers running red lights even when the lights have turned green for other drivers to go. I have myself had 3 very close calls and so has my family and friends who also live in the area. I travel with my daughter through here and am always very careful not to go on the green light, as I am waiting for the red light runners.

I see this happen daily and as Oxenford grows and gets more amenities, the problem needs to be addressed now before someone is killed.

We, the undersigned, call on the State government to push for Red Light Cameras at the Oxenford Hungry Jacks intersection to be installed for the safety of our community.

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