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Over the past 22 years the Red Hot chili peppers have been on top of their game. They fused fuck & metal together to make funk metal. They have been a bar raiser since the 1990’s their albums continue to sell.

RHCP formed in 1983 in America. A year later they released their debut album. Through out the 80’s they were an underground band wanting to hit mainstream. After the release of mother milk it brought the band to a higher ground. At the start of the 90’s they signed to a big label & found a better producer “Rick Rubin”.

Blood sex sugar magik was the breakthrough rock album of the 1990’s. It gave the chili peppers their first top 10 hit “under the bridge” & many hits on the rock charts.

Since the release of “Blood sex sugar magik the chili peppers have put out 4 best selling albums within a period of 14 years.

In 2008 the red-hot chili peppers become eligible for the rock hall. With only a few years left NOW’s a good time to start writing into the rock hall remind theme about the band & to start petitions, shout outs, rallies etc

Sign the Red-hot chili pepper’s for 2009 rock hall & pray that the hall committee will put them in.

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