Red Faction wasn't ever popular e-sports game. When we take a look at this game, it's really something unusual that it still bringing new players, new clans, new leagues. And it still gives to all of those players a lot of fun.

Since many years for a lot of players it was the main online game. Even if Red Faction scene isn't as big as CS or UT, it is still the best way to spend free time by hundreds of players.

However, due to Red Faction Game Tracker crash many players are not possible to play their beloved game. Leagues can't be so active as usual, number of servers online is a lot lower, new players stopped to come. And those which already were playing RF started to think about changing game. All players which don't want to end playing RF think what to do with it. But we can't do nothing. Everything is now in THQ hands.

We have bought Red Faction to play multiplayer - now it looks that our purchase was pointless. We have lost a lot of fun which this game is STILL providing and we are losing players everyday now.

I hope that THQ will remember about this and will help us - THQ clients - to enjoy one of greatest THQ games in our opinion.

Red Faction isn't just a game. It's for many people part of life. Thanks to this game, I have met many great persons in real life. And many other players also.

THQ, please restore the RF Game Tracker!

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