Newcastle under Lyme borough council
United Kingdom

If you are finding NULBC's new recycling system a WASTE of time and money please read on.............

The new system claims that recycling will increase and less waste will go to landfill than neighbouring boroughs. That may be so with weekly collections but as food packaging is not collected by the roadside anymore this means the council tax payer is disposing directly into their waste bin and off it goes to landfill without tainting the councils figures.

As we have been given 3 boxes and only one lid the litter around the area is appalling, not to mention how untidy the boxes look. Yes we can request more lids but this is another cost cutting exercise and the savings we can only hope will be spent on litter collection. Animals and wildlife will all be affected by this lack of thought.

Bad planning, increased workload and the fact smaller trucks were not commissioned has led to many having late collections or none at all.

The elderly, infirm or disabled may all struggle with this system despite the assisted help which again is unnecessary cost in some cases where a wheelie bin would be acceptable.

This petition is to request one wheelie bin to recycle plastic, tins, glass, paper and cardboard. Many councils across the country have this system in place, it's simple, leaves no room for error, is easy to manoeuvre, store, wildlife friendly, weather proof and litter free. Just because the new system is better than the old does not make it ideal. Call for change!

We, the undersigned, call for NULBC to commission one wheelie bin for the recycling of paper, cardboard, tins, bottles and plastic.

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