Ann Mallek
United States of America

Recycling is important to keeping our environment safe and clean for everyone living in it. If it weren't for recycling, the world would be full of plastic, bottles, cans, and many other objects that can be harmful to not only us, but to the animals and plants that live in the world with us.

We are doing a Change Project in Language Arts and our focus is to get a recycling center built in Crozet, VA. People all over Crozet were given free recycling for a few months and now the supervisors have decided to take it away with no apparent reason or explanation. Please help us make a difference in our world and get back free recycling in our community as well as a recycling center for those who want to help our community even more.

Thank you!

-Emma-Caroline Avery, Trudy Brement, and Maren Eanes

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