The Mayor of Corsicana, Texas Chuck McClanahan
United States of America

There is a huge issue occurring on the Navarro College campus in Corsicana. The campus currently has no recycling options! It's absolutely devastating to see paper, plastic bottles and other recyclable materials being disposed of incorrectly because of the campus's lack of recycling bins.

We go to college to gain an education that we can in turn use to leave a mark on the world and change the growing world around us , but by implementing recycling bins around the Navarro College, we can be that change now!

We the students of Navarro College are the future and we want to be given the opportunity to not only make a difference in our communities, but also want to be able to leave an impact on our future, and set an example for the future generations.

Help our campus become green again, by helping Navarro College get recycling bins!

Help us bring back recycling bins to the Navarro College campus, and make our campus green and clean once again.

"Don't trash our future: RECYCLE".

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