#City & Town Planning
Mayor of Horizon City, Texas (El Paso County)
United States of America

A recreation center would give children places to go after school and even during the summer. It can keep many kids off of streets and help many kids take a break from the troubles of everyday life. Not only this, but having a recreation center can boost employment opportunities and can be used as a way to give back to the community.

Recreation centers can be used to coach youth and lil’ league sport teams, gymnastics, dance classes, karate, aerobics and can provide many families with child care. It can be used to host community events and could hold summer camps. This would provide our community with new opportunities of employment like child care, coaches, maintenance, security guards.

We could have concession stands during league games and special events. It would also bring forth economic value.

We, the undersigned, call on the Mayor and City Council of Horizon City, TX to open a recreation center in the hopes that it helps the city grow, and give families a hope for a better future.

One free of crime, economic issues, and to encourage children and youth to stay out of trouble. This will allow them to have a place to channel bad feelings and get guidance while under supervision.

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