#Human Rights
Prime Minister of PAKISTAN AND Secretary General UNITED NATIONS GENEVA

Advocate Yafis Naveed Hashmi was abducted and missing from Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan since Aug 8, 2019, 1030 pm. He is a regular practitioner member of High Court Bar Association Multan, Pakistan. He has been serving the people for justice through his law experience and sound academic background. He reached Islamabad on Aug 7, 2019 and stayed at hotel in G-7 sector, Islamabad.
He parked his vehicle and told his wife that he would come after few minutes for meeting his friend near a famous International Hospital (in Blue Area) Islamabad on Aug 8, 2019 at 1030 pm. He is missing since then. His wife contacted his mobile phone after 02 hours his going but it was switched off. Later CCTV camera footage at Hospital identified that armed men from Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) in civil dress took him with them.
FIR was registered in Kohsar Police Station, Islamabad. The responsible in Police Station was contacted by her wife afterwards but they did not pay any attention on her request to recover / release her husband.
As no action was taken for recovery / release of the abducted, a writ was filed against the responsible / respondents (including Secretary Interior Ministry Islamabad, Inspector General of Police Islamabad and The Capital Territory Police Islamabad). Islamism High Court provided 2 weeks time on August 24, 2019 to complete the investigation for recovery / release of abducted / detainee but after 02 weeks time the responsible / respondents’ requested for further 4 weeks and it was permitted on September 17, 2019. A time of further 04 weeks was also been given to the respondents on October 18, 2019 and he still has not been presented in any court for justice.. Also no action has been taken by respondents to present the abducted / detainee in the court which is a matter of great concern for his family members regarding his life and health.
Abducted / detainee has not yet been presented to any court of law nor his family was made known about it despite more than 06 months have gone. There is no case or charge against him in any police station. These are clear human rights violations as per constitution of Pakistan, 1973. He belongs to Muslim Shia family. He is one of Shia persons missing made by enforced disappearances in Pakistan (about 100 ~ 200 nos. presently).
The police department and other responsible are considered as custodian, of property, life and honor, liberty and protection of every citizen of Pakistan but in contrary the responsible / respondents have taken law in their hands by abducting / detaining him.
Keeping in view the enforced disappearances of Shia missing persons in Pakistan, it is believed that advocate may be tortured or killed during custody if no effective measures are taken at the earliest for his recovery

This is mentioned with serious concern that Pakistan Government has not signed the UN declaration to end the enforced disappearances. Also the bill presented in the parliament in Jan 2019 for ending the enforced disappearances has also not been approved for legislation in the country. These are not favorable acts and against the human rights.

Thus it is needed that Advocate Yafis Naveed Hashmi should be presented immediately to the justice by his release. The matter of missing him by enforced disappearance is of critical nature for his family and children to stop the economic impact due to his absence from the scene.

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