The Government of Sri Lanka

Recall notice - a win to LTTE lobby!

This is a petition to urge the Government of Sri Lanka to reconsider the recall notice sent to the Admiral Thisara Samarasinghe, RSP, VSV, USP, ndc, psc His Excellency the High Commissioner (HC) for Sri Lanka in Australia. We submit that the premature recalling is a win for the LTTE lobby.

1. We agree and support efforts of the Government to establish the principles of good governance and the efforts to cleanse Foreign Service.
2. This request is made considering the HC’s achievements in Australia and yeoman services to protect the good name and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka.
3. This request is made considering the need to continue such services.
4. This request is made considering the rare characteristics and abilities that the HC has displayed and due to our experiences of others in the Foreign Service who has miserably failed us.
5. When the High Commissioner assumed office in 2011 he had to face a formidable opposition from the LTTE lobby who not only denigrated the services of the armed forces, the good name of Sri Lanka but also was a threat to territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country.
6. In 2011 the Australia Australian Parliament, the Australian Media had a very biased opinion about Sri Lanka and of its armed forces.
7. A small group of people with extremist’s views and with links to LTTE was so powerful and was in a position to influence the Australian Parliament, the media and had garnished support of the Australian public against Sri Lanka.
8. The voice of the moderate majority with a Sri Lankan heritage that was against the LTTE and stood for territorial integrity of Sri Lanka was dismissed, not given a hearing and not given any prominence.
9. We recall that certain past representatives could not face media or give a proper media briefing to protect Sri Lankan interest and had a very lethargic attitude.
10. He was able to turn the tide within a short period and has substantially dispelled the myths and restored respectability to Sri Lanka’s image in Australia.
11. We submit that his defence background and experience is ideally suited to support the joint Sri Lankan - Australian operations against bogus boat people who have brought much discredit to Sri Lanka.
12. We submit that due to his back ground, several lobbyists against Sri Lanka who were so powerful and were able to organise closed door conferences in the Australian Parliament and with its members, were able to be identified as LTTE stooges with credible documentary proof of their connections to LTTE and brought to the attention of the Australian authorities. (where other diplomats failed)
13. He engaged moderate people with a Sri Lankan heritage in Australia belonging to all ethnic and religious groups and got them involved in reconciliations activities.
14. We submit that in contrasts to other bureaucrats and diplomats he was readily available and was approachable any time of the day to the Sri Lankan community in Australia, he took an active interest and participated in Sri Lankan events throughout Australia and at times we are aware using his own finances.
15. We submit that such qualities and patriotism is rare.
16. Under his stewardship Sri Lanka won over the goodwill of Australia which enthusiastically supported Sri Lanka on critical issues
17. Due to his efforts, Australia became the only Western Country to support Sri Lanka and was against the LTTE activities.

We, the undersigned, the people with a Sri Lankan heritage mostly living in Australia request and urge the Government of the Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and in particularly from the President and the Prime Minister the following;

I. To revoke the recall notice sent to the Admiral Thisara Samarasinghe, RSP, VSV, USP, ndc, psc His Excellency the High Commissioner for Sri Lanka in Australia and
II. To consider to extend the High Commissioners term for another term and
III. In the minimum enable him to complete his full term in Australia with dignity (which ends in few months) as the High Commissioner and provide a ceremonious send off.

We submit that recalling him is a win to the LTTE lobby that are active to date (though subdued) and has the potential to rise again and will be able to build links with the Australian Government and media to destabilise Sri Lanka. We consider recalling the HC is against the national interests of Sri Lanka. We submit that the unceremonious recalling of such a patriotic representative few months before his term expires is not warranted.

The Reconsider the recall notice to the High Commissioner Admiral Thisara Samarasinghe petition to The Government of Sri Lanka was written by Dinesh Iriyagolle Weerakkody and is in the category Government at GoPetition.