#Consumer Affairs
Supermarkets and Newsagents
United Kingdom

Most supermarkets and newsagents classify music magazines as "Men's Interest". This not only gives the impression that only music is something men are exclusively interested in, but also means that anyone who wants a music magazine must go to the section containing pornographic "lad's mags".

This can cause embarrassment and anger, especially as the surrounding magazines are so demeaning.

We, the undersigned, ask supermarkets and newsagents to reconsider their classification of music magazines as "Men's Interest" or similar. We would ask that companies thought about the impact that their classification might cause and refrain from categorizing them as "Men's Interest".

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The Reclassify music magazines petition to Supermarkets and Newsagents was written by Aisling Furey and is in the category Consumer Affairs at GoPetition.