#Local Government
Park Forest Residents and Stakeholders
United States of America

Andrea Bonds, Janice Preston, Sharon Newman, Randy Alexander, Mia Carter, Cheryl Colman, Delores Woods. All of the aforementioned members of the District 227, absolutely need to be removed from their positions. Effective immediately! They do not have our communities or our children's futures set as a priority! The abhorrent mismanagement of funds, conflicts with district administrators or teachers, refusing to listen to their constituents, and violating open meetings laws are just some of the well known atrocities against our community! As parents It's time to fight back! Apparently they dont know what's best after all!!!!

We the undersigned are calling for a total recall of the all of the board members of District 227. The board does not speak for the Village of Park Forest and its residents pertaining to the closure of Rich East High School.

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