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United States of America

Barak OBamas failure to lead the United States as a President, funding and the arming of terrorist crimes against humanity,use of the U.S Military during a million dollar vacation to Africa, Veterans kept out of their own memorial, Obama opens the national mall allowing Illegals to March an protest, our veterans deserve more respect, withholding death benifits to families of fallin soldiers, Obama put the U.S in 16 Trillion dollars wurth of depth, forcing health care on the people.

Even after 60% of voters wanted the health care law reformed Obama still Ignored the people... three weeks of government shut down Obama still will not negotiate, the government can not give the people anything it has not first taken from us... Benghazi, NSA spying, fast an furious gun scandle, the IRS scandle, return respect to the office of the Presidency tell Congress to Impeachment Obama.

We the voters of the United States are recalling the votes cast to for President Barak Obama do to high crimes against the oath of the office of the President.

We are calling on the U.S Congress to Impeach President Obama.

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