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Genesee County Community Mental Health
United States of America

The Genesee County Community Mental Health Board is a board that is appointed by the Genesee County Commissioners. This board runs without term limits and has been jeopardized by the current management at Genesee County Community Mental Health.

They have made poor financial decision that have impacted our budget, reduced services available to clients and increased the job loss in this county.

Currently a decision has been made by the board that will impact the jobs of 40 staff and once again will place our clients at risk. Management continues to give themselves raises of 10, 20 and 30% while cutting services to our clients.

Please let your voice be heard and put a stop to your tax dollars being wasted.

We, the undersigned, call on the County Commissioners of Genesee County, to recall the current Genesee County Community Mental Health Board, set term limits and re-appoint a new board comprised of members who are willing to take a stand and ask the hard questions.

The Board should be made up of 25% Clients or Guardians of clients as indicated in the Mental Health Code while the other 75% should be made up of submitting applicants who have no conflicts.

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