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We the people of Arizona believe SenTor John McCain has done our state and nation a great diservice as a result of his most recent vote in the senate on Sept 27, 2013.

We the People have made it very clear that we wanted absolutely nothing to do with the Presidents A.C.A.. It is not only an infringement on one's right to privacy, but it is a completely irresponsible strategy to impose on an economy that is the weakest it has been since the very first economic collapse ever.

Senator McCain voted with his political counterparts against the will of the people in Arizona. We have sent you to hold a seat as our representative and therefore we employ you.

We the people of Arizona are calling for a recall of Senator McCain as he no longer represents the will of his constituents.

Senator McCain you should be ashamed of yourself, you are what is referred tobas a career politician. It was apparent your vote to allow Senator Reid the power to alter the Continuing Resolution to defund the A.C.A. instead of standing on principle with your constituents.

Senator McCain the state of Arozona has no room for Career Politicians who ignore their constituents voices.

We the people of Arizona are demanding your recall as your decision indicates you no lojger wish to be a public servant.

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