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Willoughby City Council

The Castlecrag Haven Amphitheatre is a community asset that has been maintained and operated by the Haven Amphitheatre Committee for decades. Since the reclaiming of this site in the 1970's, several community members have invested much of their lives to the Haven. Two of these people are Howard Rubie and Robert Sheldon whose legacy has been honored in the 'use' of the stage and facilitated by the Haven Amphitheatre Committee.

The Haven has been a venue for many hundreds of professional and community performances and celebrations over the years and we wish to continue to cultivate a 'living' heritage, a 'living' vision for this venue and not just an artifact for those that have used it in the past.

Please consider the future generations for whom it is intended.

The Haven Amphitheatre stage is now at the end of its life and is CLOSED.

We the undersigned value the Castlecrag Haven Amphitheatre as a cultural and community asset. We wish for the rebuilding of a stage that is hospitable to both performers and technicians alike. The stage must encompass a vision that is also appropriate and considerate for the future participants in this community asset.

We are LOCAL performers, writers, sound engineers, film makers, musicians, university students, actors, high school students, heritage experts, set designers, architects, school teachers, business owners, chefs, lawyers, parents, grandparents, poets, conservationists, home owners, local committee members, residents of Castlecrag and voters in the Willoughby City area…

…Urging the Willoughby City Council to REBUILD the Castlecrag Haven Amphitheatre Stage now.

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