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The Holy Temple is the most important structures to the Jews and one of the most well-known historical buildings in the world. For true peace to be reached, Israel and Palestine need to agree on the construction of the Holy Temple. For some, it is religious. For others, it is a matter of history and culture.

A peace agreement must be reached in partner ship between Israel, Palestine, and Temple Institute for the construction of this building. It would provide as not only a center of Jewish Worship, but also as the center of Israeli history and culture for all to learn from.

Build the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, Israel!

To the Jewish world, this is the center of all Judaism (Holy Days, Redemption, and Salvation). To the rest of the world, it will provide a center of all Israeli History and Culture.

For peace to rise between Israel and Palestine, an agreement must be met eventually on the Holy Temple. An agreement must be met between Israel, Palestine, and the Temple Institute.

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