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Since 2009 a project has been running in Stirling with the intention to rebuild the Skatepark within Kings Park, Stirling.

Over a number of years the Skatepark has suffered from frost damage and subsidence resulting in a facitlity no longer fit for the expanding and popular sports of BMX, Skateboarding, Rollerblading and Scootering.

We have therefore been campaiging and working hand in hand with Stirling Council and the Friends of Kings Park to have the skatepark rebuilt, providing a fit for purpose, modern facility which will enhance progression in the sports whilst providing a safe enviroment in which to do so.

So where are we now? We have an application for funding sitting with SportScotland, however, they want to know how much you support this project....

So please, sign this petition to show your support for the cause and lets get Stirling's youths the Skatepark they need!

We, the undersigned, support this redevelopment project and request that SportScotland approve funding for a new, fit for purpose Skatepark facility for the youth of Stirlingshire and the city of Stirling.

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