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Rebuild Sperry Chalet

The Park Service has a great habit of studying things for years before making a step. We want Sperry Chalet rebuilding to begin next year as close to original form as code will allow!!

Sperry Chalet became a reality in 1913. It is located 6 miles above Lake McDonald and was constructed by the Great Northern Railroad as part of their “See America First” campaign that brought thousands to Glacier National Park shortly after it became a park. This chalet has created lifelong memories that now go back a couple generations.
We lost the Sperry Chalet lodge on August 31, 2017 in the Sprague Fire. The chalet was originally one of eight built by the Great Northern Railway. Two remained on the landscape until this year when Sperry burned. We simply need to keep the final two chalets as part of our future legacy. To learn more, see this article.
We are starting a petition to help Glacier National Park make the right decision in rebuilding this historic structure. Last time the chalets were closed, it took years to get them open. Six of them were never opened again.

We respectfully request the National Park Service to rebuild this historic structure within the next year.

We, the undersigned, call on the National Park Service to quickly rebuild the historic structure, Sperry Chalet, located in Glacier National Park with construction to begin next summer not studying it for the next few years.

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