Residents of Victoria

Box Hill Hospital is the principal health care facility for Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs.

Built before the introduction of television to this country the building and its facilities are from another era.

In the 2006 State Election the government pledged the staged redevelopment until a new facility is complete. However, while the first stage to free up the required land is complete no funds are forthcoming to continue as promised.

For further information contact Andrew Munroe 03 9894-1020 or visit www.RebuildBoxHillHospital.org.au .

PETITION – To the Legislative Assembly of Victoria

The petition of the undersigned residents of Victoria draws to the attention of the House;

That the Box Hill Hospital was built more than a half century ago and today is struggling to cope as a modern medical facility, which in turn is putting the health care needs of over 700,000 Victorians at risk.

This is starkly demonstrated with Box Hill languishing at the bottom of the range the governments own health care benchmarks.

The petitioners therefore request that the Legislative Assembly of Victoria: Allocate the required funds in the Sate’s next budget to rebuild the Box Hill Hospital as a 21st Century tertiary hospital as a matter of priority.

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