#to have a voice in rebuild
Premire Dalton McGuinty, elliot lake mayor, algo mall owner

The petition is for people to Gain employment hence many people are presently unemployed since the tragedie. A location for those who can't travel, And to allow businesses around to be left unaffected by lost of business...

Let's say they build up from new at the other end of the parking lot???? or if they build a strip mall one level less anxiety..... but big point its NEW and SAFE and not standing in the place that ...poor lives where taken to soon and affected others for life! and they can start building sooner than later... as far as the memorial it can be inside the mall, outside the mall either way it's to mark the tragedy that took place and the lives who were taken way too soon.

We Canadian request the help of our government, building inspector, algo mall owner, ministry, mayor of Elliot Lake, to rebuild the algo mall in a different location from ground up as well as a memorial for the ones we've lost in the collapse. The anxiety is heightened with little to no trust because of past inspections.

We do not only come together as a community but as a country standing up for the best interests of all involved.

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