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Belknap County Voters –
On this, most Republicans, Democrats and independents agree: Rep. Norm Silber, Rep. Michael Sylvia and their Free State followers MUST NOT BE RE-ELECTED!

These extremist legislators and their followers have:
- Manipulated the Gunstock Area Commission, threatening Gunstock’s very existence
- Derailed the county delegation
- Run up $50,000 in legal bills defending their misdeeds
- Tried to pass a Constitutional Amendment to have NH secede from the United States!
- Jeopardized the operations of our nursing home
- Starved our Sheriff’s Department and County Corrections budgets to dangerous levels

So divisive are their antics that they are at odds with Gunstock’s management team, the Belknap County Commissioners, most mainstream Republicans, Governor Sununu, and most importantly, the very citizens they are sworn to serve.

VOTING is your voice. Use it this fall!

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I WILL make my voice heard and vote for REASONABLE, RESPONSIBLE representatives in the September 13 state primary and November 8 general election who will be good stewards for our county.

I WILL NOT vote for radical, extremist candidates who have disrupted our county government, and endangered our county institutions through their neglect and irresponsible behavior.

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