#City & Town Planning
Telecom, Local and Central government
New Zealand

Did you know that Telecom is erecting a cell phone site in Onehunga?
Above Tin Tacks Dairy
164-172 Trafalgar St

Telecommunication companies say cell towers and electromagnetic radiation are safe. Most independent experts around the world say it is not. Many governments and world experts are advising that far more caution should be taken.

No-one knows what the long term effects of EMF radiation will be to Children.

Residential cell phone sites currently require no consultation or any notification to be erected.

We the undersigned request that:

1) The proposed Cellphone site (164-172 Trafalgar St) be withdrawn.

2) All Cellphone sites within 500m of a residential dwelling, hospital, early childhood centre and school must be publicly notified and must require “Public Consultation” as part of the planning process.

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