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Scranton, Family Activities, NEPA, Wilkes Bare, Pittsotn
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Most adults in their mid thirties or older remember Top Dog. Anyone could afford to go. It was a very special place to go have family fun and socialize. Fun food at extremely modest prices...all the latest in gaming technology...packed with people we all knew. Even a single dollar could get a person a hamburger and play of a few video games. But that dollar brought much more...it gave someone a chance to be in a positive place and see their friends... imagine a new, modern version of this type of place

To any person affiliated with Top Dog restaurant located in Northeast Pennsylvania circa 1980's.,
Please re-open or be made available to re-open Top Dog restaurant and family fun center. When this quarantine/crisis passes, this whole area will benefit in a positive way.
Thank you
Jonathan Ambrose

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