Adult Swim community

February 06, 2006

On February 15, 2004 SwimMod_Deus left the Adult Swim message boards. He left amicably and of his own choice for personal reasons.

As a mod he was a member favorite and developed a love for the boards as many of us in turn have.

After some time away from the boards, he came back to our little community and started to re-integrate himself back into the boards. Now he is a regular member, same as he always was.

I am creating this petition of my own free will, to express my belief that SwimMod_Deus should be restored to a moderator status on the Adult Swim message boards. Please sign if you feel the same way.

We believe that if he was the type of person who made a good mod back then, then he is certainly good enough to be re-modded.

Everyone should be entitled to a break, and that's all SwimMod_Deus did. He is not the only asmb staff member to have taken a break, yet he is the only one to be denied the ability to come back in a moderator capacity.

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