The way the CRTC has things setup with regards to smartphones is ridiculous. There are only 3 Major Companies in Canada which are; Rogers, Bell & Telus. Each of these companies currently charge their customers an arm and a leg in fees, for example:

With Rogers, for $110.00 you get: Unlimited Canada-Wide Calling
Unlimited Messaging (Includes text, picture and video)
Call Display with Name Display
Enhanced Voicemail
Call Waiting
Group Calling
2500 Call Forwarding Minutes
Overage Rate $5/100MB
Worry-free data management

But at secondary mobile companies like freedom mobile they offer nearly the same service for half the price... See @ http://www.freedommobile.ca/plans-and-devices/plans/mobile-plan-details/everywhere-59-8gb The only problem is that these companies don't have any actual cell towers; they are "piggybacking" off Rogers, Bell & Tellus which is what makes them crappy companies.

The thing that is not right is that the CRTC still permits these major 3 companies to keep charging whatever they want. It's obvious that Cellular / Smartphone service has become a necessity today, especially in businesses. Obviously the Government uses Data on a daily basis to send emails back & forth. So by allowing these companies to continue to charge their customers these huge fees the CRTC is also increasing the debt on our Municipal, Provincial & Federal Governments.

Just like Rogers, Bell & Telus has Set an unlimited talk plan at a reasonable price, they need to set an unlimited data plan at a reasonable price and all combine it together.
So the plan should not exceed more than $80 - $90
unlimited Canada talk & txt
Unlimited data
Basic voice mail
Call FW etc...

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