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There's a lot to love about Take-Two Interactive, Rockstargames' Red Dead Redemption 2. In fact, there's a very limit number of reasons not to love the game. Sure, it's slow paced, but it's the wild west. Yeah, the majority of your travels will be on horse. Again, it's the wild west. There are plenty of things to do in both hobby and competition, scenery to be admired and challenges to be completed.
So, while we're on the subject let's talk about the actual challenges. Specifically, the gambler challenges. You can almost feel the aggravation from fellow gamers by just reading "gambler challenges". For those unfamiliar these particular challenges consist of "challenges" that require not skill, effort, nor intelligence of any kind. Actually, they require only the resource of time and the mystic arts of luck. Here you might ask: How does this constitute a challenge of which you have no control? Really though if you're not asking that question, you should be. Have a look at Reddit. Read your fellow gamers' reviews. It's not even about one being unhappy about it. It is simply unjust. There is absolutely nothing provided that suggests a challenge is to be had.
The issue here is many gamers like myself are hardcore 100% completionists. Again, these 'challenges' require the non-renewable resource of time and superstition of luck neither of which constitute a 'challenge'.
As Arthur Morgan has said multiple times at the table "This is meant to be fun."
Resign, designer. Resign. This issue should stop where it has started and never to continue.

Gamers and their supporting families and friends call on the designer of the gambler challenges to resign.

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