Traplet Publications - Q&EFI magazine

Would you like to be able to buy a magazine that was devoted solely to R/C Electric Flight?

Well, Q&EFI* magazine used to be just that before it added gliders. I would like it to return to being EFI. If you would too then please add your name to my internet petition. That way we could get the magazine we want.

Its an international magazine so the market for an electric only magazine must have grown hugely in the last 10 years and will continue to grow. There are plenty of different aspects of electric flight to fill a monthly magazine.

If you agree with this petition please forward to your friends, clubmates and forums who might be interested.

* Q&EFI = Quiet and Electric Flight International

I would like Q&EFI magazine to return to being about R/C electric flight only ie EFI magazine.

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