Two years have passed since Rammstein's last show in Brazil. However, there were only two concerts in the same city, São Paulo. Now, with Rammstein's 15th Anniversary Made In Germany Tour, nothing would be fairer for the Brazilian fans than this very tour coming back to our country, but this time covering more cities.

In the same way as it happens in the United States of America, we ask through this petition that the concerts can happen not only in one Brazilian city, but in several ones in which we know there will be a good number of people to receive and warmly welcome the band.

Made in Germany-Brazil-2013!

As there is no forecast or any official news about the Made in Germany Tour coming to Latin America, we propose through this petition, signed by Latin American fans, a "reimbursable quotas system" - that has worked with other artists such as Belle & Sebastian, Vampire Weekend, 30 Seconds to Mars and Kings of Leon.

This system assumes that a pre-set value required for a city to host a concert is shared into quotas, which will be bought by the fans that can go to a concert in that city. Quota buyers will earn a ticket for the show assuming it actually happens; if not (due to not enough quotas being bought and the goal not being achieved), their money is returned.

We, Latin American fans, believe that bringing Rammstein to our countries would be possible this way and we do look forward to see the band live in this memorable tour.

Rammstein fans, unite!

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