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The students of USC, specifically the students living in the Parkside Residential Buildings (920 W. 37th Place, Los Angeles, CA, 90007, off the corner of Exposition Blvd and Vermont Ave) are frustrated with the extremely poor cell phone reception in the dorms.

While neighbors with Verizon and Sprint have full reception, AT&T customers are lucky if we have one signal bar. This is a major problem since most students do not use landlines and rely on their cellphone for communication.

We have been struggling with this irritating problem for four months and look to our service provider for a solution. If our reception continues to be poor, we will have no choice but to look to another service provider.

If this happens, our families back home who are a part of our family plan will be willing to change their provider as well.

We, the AT&T customers at the University of Southern California, call upon our service provider to correct the serious cellphone reception problem in the Parkside Residential Buildings by installing a reception tower closer to our dorms, installing an external antenna, or doing whatever it takes to increase our signal strength free of charge.

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