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I have a niece (age 16) who was lured via the internet by a man (age 45). We were told by police that they could not charge this SICK man with a felony. They stated the legal age for consensual sex in our state was 16 which we did not know.

Now this is an adult 29 years her senior having sex with her and we could do nothing about it......that is a crime!!! Something needs to be done to these sick individuals....they get away with it too many times and it only feeds their addiction. Now, because police could not reprimend him....he is stalking her and she is not safe! They also can not enforce a protective order until he has committed a crime and caused her harm.....by this point it will be too late.

What is wrong with our justice system they are protecting the guilty instead of the innocent. My niece is not yet of age to get married, buy a lottery ticket or even vote but the government thinks she is of age to decide to have sex? Something is horribly wrong here and it needs changed before this happens to your child. It happens more than you know.

Please help me to raise the legal age for consensual sex to 18 in ALL states.

We, the undersigned, call on the government to raise the age of consensual sex to age 18 (when one is a true adult and able to make these types of decisions) in All states.

Children because they are children, do not have the ability to consent to interactions of a serious nature with adults. They can not sign legal documents. They can not sign consents for surgery. They can not be responsible for their own bank accounts or consent to an adult's request to drive a car. And they have no ability - being children - to consent to sexual interactions either with much older children or adults. Their agreement to such an interaction does not constitute consent. The adult's role is to protect the child from the dangers of engaging in behavior with potentially serious consequences. Many child molesters -65%- fail to recognize this important fact!

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