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Kim Hyojong aka E’dawn, a member of a K-Pop boy group Pentagon which was formed by Cube Entertainment in 2016. The group consists of 10 members: E’dawn, Hui, Hongseok, Jinho, Wooseok, Yuto, Yanan, Shinwon, Yeo One and Kino. They were introduced through the survival show Pentagon Maker, broadcast on MNET (a Korean TV channel). They made their official debut on October 10, and they continued their progress up until today.
In 2017, Cube Entertainment formed a trio, composed of Pentagon members Hyojong (E’dawn), Hui and a well known solo artist Hyuna (former member of disbanded K-Pop girl group 4minute). They released their first extended play 199x on May 1, 2017 and debuted with “365 FRESH”, a funk-fused pop song, the video of which depicted scenes not frequently shown in K-pop. On July 18, 2018. Their second extended play Retro Futurism was released online, accompanied by a music video for "RETRO FUTURE", a 90’s inspired groove track punctuated with synth and bass. They are well-known from their stages to music video storylines and music, is subverting every expectation you could have from major label K-pop, which catches the attention of the viewers/listeners.
On August 3, 2018. Hyuna and E’dawn revealed to be dating for 2 years causing the company to cancel any further promotions. Some fans started attacking the couple, especially E’dawn for not informing and explaining himself to the fans through the Fan café, as Hyuna did on her Instagram account. Some fans explained their heart break and hate they have towards him because he is believed to be ruining Pentagon’s image and asked for him to be removed from the band.
Huge amount of Korean members of ‘Universe’ (Pentagon’s fan club), are requesting compensation for the ‘mental’ and ‘financial damage’ that the couple have caused. As also they have doubts of E’dawn received consent from all the other members and since the fans were misled for a period of 2 years, the fans demand that they must be equally indemnified.
Even though the most International fans are congratulating and wishing the couple a happy life together and supporting them fully. As on August 8, 2018. The entertainment made a statement that E’dawn won’t be attending to upcoming schedules and won’t take part in the promotions of their Japan comeback, they were surprised and disappointed to hear the news.
Right now the situation is; there are 2 groups of Pentagon (or E’dawn) fans
The fans who want E’dawn removed from the band
The fans who don’t want E’dawn to be removed from the band
As the opposing fans who doesn’t want E’dawn to be removed from his group demands that ‘He is also a human like everyone else, he is still the same person we loved 2 years ago, 10 days ago and even now. As one of the most known pentagon member and as a unique voiced and talented person he shouldn’t be made to choose from his love and work life and get wasted just because of this. Which most of us believe that also the anti-fans are benefiting from this situation by trying to get him down because he is getting more popular day by day’ - International Universe

We, the international fans, demand E'dawn to remain in his group Pentagon, and continue his schedules as usual.

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