BBC - Raef was unjustly fired! (The Apprentice - Series 4)
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As many of you should know, on Wednesday 21st May 2008, Raef Bjayou was fired from The Apprentice, following a task in which he was Project Manager. The task was to produce a TV advert and a press advert based on their own brand of tissues.

Raef was fired!

This petition is based on the fact that by signing it you are agreeing that Raef did NOT deserve to be fired. He was fired unjustly and the worst part is that Sir Alan Sugar could not even give a real reason on why he fired Raef.
As many people would agree, the correct person to go was Michael Sophocles or even Clare Young.

Please sign this petition and show people that Raef was unjustly fired! Many people are saying that it is not going too do anything but If we have enough signatures then we can show Raef that he DOES have people who support and believe in him!

Please sign it! Thank you very much and it is well appreciated!!

... Raef's Fan Club...

We, the undersigned, agree that Raef Bjayou was unjustly fired!

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