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Ok, many of us HOGS got to experience first hand the wonders that evilhomer can do with a rack of ribs. Anyone of us who has ever cooked anything before KNOWS that it's not as simple as ripping open a bloody shrink wrap and tossing raw meat onto a hot grill.

This pettition has been started to convince homer that he needs to put STEP BY STEP ingredients and instructions for his remarkable ribs recipe on the HOG boards (of course in the members only section) including measurments (if he uses any) and time table for each step.

Now, if you tasted those ribs and would like to enjoy them at your leisure without having to send homer a plane ticket and provide him with sleeping accomendations (I hear his feet stink and he snores loudly) then it would be in your best interest to sign this petition.

If you have not tasted homer's ribs and want to know what the hype is about, it would be in your best interest to sign this pettition. If you are a member of HOG and you've ever eaten a piece of meat without going into anaphalytic shock (although the ribs my do that to your taste buds) it would be in your best interest to sign this petition.

So, if you really want to please your HOG brethern and sistern, and at the same time acquiring a new skill that you may WOW your friends at future BBQ's show your support and sign the petition. Thanks!!!

We, the undersigned, call on EvilHomer to post the recipe for his ribs in the members only section of Hail of Gunfire.

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