George Municipality
South Africa

After many comments & incidents, likes & dislikes, I've decided to create a page & petition to assist the participants of drag racing & the wider public to request the consideration & permission from the local Authorities for an specified road to be made available for the motor sport enthusiasts in George & surrounds to exercise their sport. Many posts & comments of the public's concern about the sport taking place on public roads, risking innocent lives are made weekly and Authorities have and is still trying to stop this from happening. Instead of fighting something that has existed for decades, this is merely an attempt to gain permission & a specified safe area to enable these adrenaline driven Motorsport enthusiasts to practice their sport in a safe area..
To start off with, a petition is probably the best way to go, so please, if you want the Authorities to approve a safe environment in George and want the drag racers off the public roads, comment & suggestions are very welcome.
The information posted here, will be used going forward when approaching the Authorities.

We, the undersigned, wish to request the Local Authorities of George, to consider our request to make available a suitable Road within their boundaries for the use of Motorsport participants & enthusiasts. We also hereby confirm that we are and/or intend to participate in these sporting events should it be made available in our area. We acknowledge the risks involved with the sport, and indemnify George Municipality & all its Departments from any/all claims whatsoever in cases of personal injury and/or death whilst participating and/or spectating. We will acknowledge & respect the rules laid out by the Authorities.

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