Citizens of India

Who rules us at present? Think about it a bit. Answer is obvious: The Chaos!

Join Quit India – II…. Say ‘Quit’ to 'Chaos'!!

(While this is relevant to several areas of our lives, and should be applied wherever possible, this particular effort aims at addressing the problem of chaos on our roads, which severely affects all of us.)

Chaos on our roads, can be attributed to several factors. Most important of these are:
* Chaos in planning (or rather lack thereof)
* Chaos in Administration and
* Chaos in usage (created by us, the citizens)

If we keep blaming others (e.g. the civic authorities, and ‘other’ citizens) for the chaos created by them, while we ourselves keep adding to it, we remain stuck with the slavery of Chaos. If we want to achieve freedom and overthrow the Chaos, naturally, we must first stop adding to the Chaos individually by being aware of the rules and following them at all times by choice, not because Police is watching. We can then unite in millions to become a force to fight the Chaos created by those in power and administration.

It has been seen time and again that, as enlightened individuals or even as small group of such people, we can’t bring about a change at in the system. Only with united strong force of lakhs of responsible citizens, we can fight the chaos created by those in power and administration and can demand and get sustainable solutions that are effective in long term. Our united force alone can push for effective policies, governance with a well defined plan as well as act as a watchdog for its implementation. e.g. We can push the government for more accountability in the transfers of administrative officers and ensure that transfers are not done based on political whims. This will ensure that officers have defined period and will allow them to implement longer-term proactive solutions rather than short-term reactive patches. Similarly we can push for stricter rules and greater transparency in the RTO licensing process.

Hence, to join Quit India – II, YOU need to
· Commit to NOT add to the Chaos on the roads. By this action, you stop being an agent of the ruler ‘Chaos’.
· Be a part of the united force which will fight the Chaos being created by those in Administration and in government.

SPTM (Save Pune Traffic Movement) provides a model, a framework in which above actions are possible. For details, visit www.savepunetraffic.com (If you are from other cities of India, you can use this model and drive elimination of Chaos from your place!)

Please note that, this petition is not like most others, which essentially say “Hamari Mange Poori Karo”, and which just need you to sign & expect someone else to act! This petition needs a little ongoing action from you. But, this is the only way to overthrow this ruler. Non-action and sitting on fence is the sure formula for disaster for us, our loved ones and next generations.

YES! I Join the QUIT INDIA - II movement NOW!!

1. I commit to stop adding to chaos and to follow traffic rules all the time.
2. I will inform and motivate my contacts to do so.
3. I stand united with thousands of other responsible citizens like me and demand effective, sustainable solutions from governing authorities, in irder to transform the traffic conditions.


Thanks for signing the petition. Now the crucial action:
Please visit www.savepunetraffic.com
If you are from Pune: Join SPTM.
If you are from other city, use this model to drive transformation in your city/town.

Let’s team up, spread this movement across India and achieve freedom from Chaos! Jai Hind!

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