Nova Scotia parents

The New Brunswick and PEI school boards have asked that all international travelers self quarantine for 2 weeks upon their return before they re-enter schools. Regardless of whether they have symptoms or not. This needs to happen in Nova Scotia schools as well. Students, staff, all employees. It is imperative that anyone who has travelled internationally self quarantine for the suggested incubation period to slow the spread of this disease. This needs to come without penalties to the students and staff. It is for the good of fellow Nova Scotians, for our students, and for our already busting at the seams healthcare system. Please stand with me to protect us all.

Please stand with me to request that the Nova Scotia government and school board take action to help slow the spread of Covid19. As New Brunswick and PEI have announced, All international travelers be mandated to refrain from attending any school for atleast 2 weeks upon your return. Student, staff member, any employee. This should come with minimal penalties, this is an imperative measure that needs to be taken to help slow the spread of this disease. This if for the good of our fellow Nova Scotians, our youth, and to aid our healthcare system in not being bombarded with too many patients at once. This is a small sacrifice with a potentially huge impact. Please sign and stand with me.

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