Qantas and Fair Work Australia

Qantas have negotiated a new enterprise agreement (EBA9) with the FAAA. EBA9 has 2 parts to it; Part 1 covers employees under the QAL contract; and Part 2 covers employees under the QCCA contract. The representatives for the FAAA who are negotiating are all on the QAL contract.

The pay and conditions for both types of contracts are extremely different even though we are all doing the exact same job. For example, in the first year of the agreement, a QAL employee will receive a base salary of $73,993 and a QCCA employee will receive a base salary of $39,582.

The number of QAL employees is in excess of 3000 and the number of QCCA employees is approximately 685. The company is making QAL and QCCA vote for the EBA9 together and counting our votes as a whole. So even if every single QCCA employee votes 'NO', it will have absolutely no impact if the QAL employees are in favour of getting payed almost twice as much for doing the exact same job.

The employees on the QCCA contract want to be treated fairly, want to have a voice and want to be heard.

We believe the voting process for the Enterprise Agreement 2012 (EBA9) between FAAA, QAL and QCCA is flawed and unjust because the difference between the pay and conditions for QAL (3000+ employees) and QCCA (685 employees) is extreme.

We, the undersigned, call on Fair Work Australia and Qantas to give QCCA employees a voice and let QCCA votes and QAL votes be counted separately, whereby the majority vote from each party is equally weighted towards the EBA9.

Therefore agreement is only reached when QCCA have a majority 'yes' vote and QAL have a majority 'yes' vote.

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