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Premier Bligh - Queensland Government

Dear Premier,

I am writing to you in regard to the deplorable situation surrounding Q-Ride….

I am a motorcyclist, and as a result, I am sickened to see how many people are dying on the roads, especially this year..

I have a particular point of contention with the current system of provision of Q-Ride services within the state.

I believe that if properly constructed, Q-Ride can be a good thing, but, here is the problem – Motorcycle retail outlets should NOT be able to provide rider training and certification services, and NO rider training service should be allowed to be in any way affiliated with a retailer.

I know for a fact, that people have walked into shops to have a look at a bike, and when asked of they are interested in buying or test riding the bike, they have answered by saying that they have not got a riders endorsement or license – to which the salesman will offer to “throw in” the Q-Ride course as part of the deal if they buy a bike…….

NO course should be discounted, or made cost free to ANYONE…….Also, weekend long courses are a joke…..anyone can be taught to ride a bike in a day, but, if you will allowed me this analogy, it is like rain on dry ground, it only gets in so far, it needs to have follow up rain to get into the soil deep enough to do good and not evaporate overnight.

Rider, or any, training is only of any use if it is done over time, with reasonable periods of rest and reflection to absorb the lessons taught..

Do we not send our kids to school for 10 years or more to learn because it takes time for it to sink in ?

I have had it stated to me by various graduates of current Q-Ride courses, that they felt that the course was too quick, and that although they could ride when it was over, and “jump through” through the appropriate “hoops”, they did not feel confident that they had learned the level of skill required to stay alive on the roads..

Some have even said that over the period of two days that they spent less than two hours on a bike….the rest was theory only.

Thankfully, some had decided that although they had been given an “open” qualification, and could purchase and legally ride a 1000cc machine, they decided to start out on an appropriately powered machine, maybe a 250, or with some bigger people a 500 or 650cc machine……

It is not always sensible to send people out on 250cc bikes, as their physical size or weight may make a 250 a more dangerous proposition than a bigger bike, so in this regard, a system like the LAMS arrangement in N.S.W. would be possibly a better option ?

I am in the bike industry, so it is in my best interests to see more riders out there on the roads, but I don’t want them dead either….and I know, that with the correct rider licensing system, that we can make our dad’s, son’s, mother’s, daughters and friends safer and better riders….

As you know, bikes are far easier on fuel than cars, and also take up much less space in the city when parked, so there are also environmental benefits…..

Mrs. Premier, I, as a rider, am worried that we might suffer a negative reaction to our presence on the roads, in that laws and legislation might be changed that would threaten our lifestyle choice, and I am sure that you are not a woman who would want to curb the enjoyment of a very large part of your community either.

If I might suggest the following :

1. Removal of training approvals from persons or organizations involved in the retailing of motorcycles or related items.

2. Increasing of fees {within reason}.

3. Guarantee of minimum 25 hours instructed training over a minimum period of 2 months.

4. Introduction of a power to weight limitation for new riders similar to the LAMS system. With possible consideration due to rider size and weight.

5. Minimum 12 months at prescribed Motorcycle restriction.

6. Log book system for accompanying rider/driver listing date, times and distance along with licence number of the following rider/driver. With a minimum amount of hours/km’s required for open licence.

The minimum training hours would help to weed out those who are after a quick entry into something that they may not have thought out logically and help to dim the “emotion” of such a choice.

The log book system would not be popular amongst my peers, but, if we care about those we ride with then it is a small price to pay.

I know as a package this may be difficult to push through, but I find it difficult to continue to read about people dying needlessly. Maybe some of these things as a combination would be effective.

There needs also to be a far greater emphasis put on the general motoring public regarding the visibility of bikes on the road, pushbikes included.

We all need to look and listen for other vehicles, no matter how big they are.

Thank you for your time Premier.

I am asking for signatures to support in principle a change to the current motorcycling licencing system in Queensland.

My in principal letter to the Premier of Queensland has been sent by email to her office.

Please sign if you agree in principle that there should be a change, either in the way I have stated in my letter, or in some other constructive and life preserving way.

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