Bureau Of Reclamation- Mid Pacific Region
United States of America

Since the termination of the leases of the majority of the Lake Berryessa concession areas, boat launching and recovery has become a nightmare on the lake. The company known as Pensus LLC was supposed to sign a contract to improve concession areas around the lake.

The Bureau of Reclamation began terminating leases of the existing concession areas before Pensus LLC had signed a contract. To date no contract exists and access to the lake is severely impacted. The only choices that a angler or recreational boater has is the free launch at Capell Cove or the fee based launches at Markley Cove Marina, Pleasure Cove Marina, or Steele Park Resort.

The fee based launch ramps are extremely expensive to use and are very inconvenient to use for access to the upper lake because of their locations in the area known as The Narrows or southern end of the lake. The free launch at Capell Cove is a two boat wide launch ramp with one dock to service only one of the ramp lanes.

On heavy use days, people who use the free launch in early mornings have no problem launching their boats, but because of congestion on the ramp and parking area in the afternoon, recovery of your boat is extremely difficult.

Also parking can get dangerous as people are parking their boat trailers outside of the parking area on an extremely narrow and twisting 2 lane road known as Berryessa Knoxville Road.

Whereas the company known as Pensus Group LLC has failed to date to sign a contract with The Bureau of Reclamation in a timely manner, and
Whereas the free launch ramp at Capell Cove is inadequate to handle the volume of boat launches and recoveries, and
Whereas the fee launch areas are extremely expensive and inconvenient to access the northern end of Lake Berryessa;

We the undersigned petition the Bureau of Reclamation to allow access to the launch ramp known as Putah Creek concession area on Lake Berryessa, California. The launch ramp could be used in a similar fashion as Lake Sonoma as where a small fee could be charged for use of the ramp. The money could be collected via a lockbox and envelopes.

This would greatly ease the congestion on the Capell Cove free ramp. It would also have the added benefit of giving easier access to the northern end of the lake for all boaters. The rangers stationed at Lake Berryessa can easily patrol the area and collect the fees. More importantly, if a person was to have either mechanical problems or a medical emergency, this could serve as a safe haven for recovery of the vessel or staging for medical personnel.

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