#Human Rights
Her Majesty's Government of the UK, European Commission
United Kingdom

The Musharraf regime in Pakistan have imposed a martial law, suspended the constitution and civil rights. They have purged the senior most judges and put them under house arrest.

Ordinary citizens can be court martialed and tried in military courts. Draconian restrictions have been imposed on the media. The news channels, including BBC, who would not comply, have been taken off the air.

Thousands of lawyers, political workers and ordinary citizens have been brutalised on the streets of Pakistan and thrown into prison.

We, the doctors working in the NHS demand Her Majesty’s Government of the UK and the European Commission that:

1) These actions should be condemned in clear and unequivocal terms.

2) A travel ban to the UK and EU be imposed on Musharraf , his cabinet ministers, official advisers and army generals supporting him, until they withdraw the emergency rules and restore the constitution and civil rights.

The Put travel restrictions on Musharraf regime petition to Her Majesty's Government of the UK, European Commission was written by Pakistani Doctors in the UK and is in the category Human Rights at GoPetition.