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The Ed Show has been on MSNBC for years. His has the one show that stands up for the middle-class and the poor. With the inequality in the nation worse than it has ever been, we need Ed now more than ever before. He goes after Obama when he promotes things like the TPP and the Keystone Pipeline or opens the Artic and the NE coast to oil drilling. Bernie Sanders, running for President and drawing the largest crowds of any candidate, goes on the Ed Show regularly. The next election is a game changer. The moneyed interests are taking over our country.

Please put his show back on at least until the next election. We NEED Ed to speak for us. Fox speaks for the Tea Party and those people are crazy. What about the Liberals who actually care about the country and the people (even the poor and minorities in it)? We need a voice. Ed was it!!

The Liberals and those who actually care about the middle-class, minorities and the poor want MSNBC to put the Ed Show back on the air until the elections.

He is our voice, along with Bernie Sanders.

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