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Steven Universe is undoubtedly one of the best shows on Cartoon network, and the Crewniverse (the staff who work for the show) have worked very hard to make this show a success! The fact that Cartoon network cuts out this amazing show for other unimportant, low quality, abysmal shows such as Teen Titans Go.

As states on a thread post in the Steven Universe Wikia page, “A good superhero show inspires people, they're human in that they have a heart and soul, some silicon some real… Teen Titans Go, it doesn't have superheroes, it has people with powers that play superhero and sometimes care about civilians, they're often so rude to each other I wonder how they're even friends and they teach kids bad morals.”

That being said, Steven Universe is the complete contrary of TTG. Steven Universe actually teaches children the most important things in life, and how to value them. So all we ask, as a joined community, as a family, please put the show back on. Thank you for your time.

-Steven Universe Community

We, the community of steven universe, plead to Cartoon Network to put back on the beloved show, Steven Universe.

The staff (Crewniverse) has tried to keep us calm, assuring us that the show will go on, it is not them to blame, but Cartoon Network.

Please don't let such an amazing show go to waste.

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