CBS Casting

Matt Weiss and Theo Von - who co-host the hysterical celebrity podcast "Allegedly" on iTunes - would be an awesome team on THE AMAZING RACE!

Aside from the fact that being on the show would be Matt's life dream come true, the duo (who are so opposite that it's beyond funny - one's gay, one's straight, one's Southern Baptist, the other is Northern Jew) would make for a great AR team!

Theo is an experienced standup comic who you may remember from ROAD RULES.

Matt is a comedy writer who has written and directed stuff for Funny or Die and The Weinstein Company.

They've been friends for 13 years now.

They've sent in videos before, but signing a petition would show casting how great it would be to have them on the show together!

We, the undersigned, call on CBS Casting to cast podcasters and comedians Matthew Cole Weiss and Theo Von on "The Amazing Race"!

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